Flagstaff woman hiking for the homeless

Flagstaff woman hiking for the homeless.

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3 thoughts on “Flagstaff woman hiking for the homeless

  1. Nobody

    I think what you are trying to do is admirable. But I have to ask… do you REALLY know what you are getting into? About 12% of people who start the hike each year finish(you quoted 500-600, it’s more like 200-300), many who fail are very experienced backpackers. Have you ever done a hike over a 100 miles? If not, please reconsider taking this on.

    Many people hate it when someone tells them they “Can’t do something”, which is not what I’m saying. What I AM saying is that if you have never done anything close to this kind of trek then you put not only yourself in danger but others on the trail as well. I can’t begin to tell you how many ill prepared dehydrated hikers I’ve come across in the Grand Canyon begging for water which I give them, and it puts both of us at risk. Please consider your experience and other people on the trali before committing to this.

  2. Thanks for your concern Nobody. I have done multi-day hikes before. I am perfectly well aware of what is entailed in doing a hike like this. I am committed to completing this hike, but I am not stupid. If I’m having trouble, I will get off the trail. The Appalachian Trail Conservancy reports that since 2004, over 500 people per year have completed thru-hikes, and quotes the figure of 1 in 4 thru-hikers finish the entire trail.

  3. Nobody

    “If I’m having trouble, I will get off the trail.”

    Sometimes people, like those in my example, don’t have that option. They didn’t think they were stupid, and neither did I, they simply had no idea how to handle a survival situation and they were not prepared for it, they got lucky. Good luck, be safe, and invest in a personal locator beacon.

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