A Little Over a Week….

Food boxes packed – check

Gear ready to be loaded into pack – check

Stuff dropped off at Goodwill – check

I can’t believe that in a little over a week, I will be getting on a train and heading to Georgia to start my Appalachian Trail adventure.  The support I have gotten from my friends has been amazing.  It’s going to be very hard to say goodbye, even though it’s only for six months.  I’m getting incredibly nervous; part of me wants to be on my way so my nerves will settle.  The beauty is that I know what to do about nerves – don’t give them energy and stay positive.  My biggest fears right now are being too cold at night, and running out of money before I finish.  I have a 30 degree down bag, with an emergency bivy sack if I get too cold.  I have plenty of  high-tech clothes to wear in my bag, and two sleeping pads – it’s just fear (false evidence appearing real).  As for the money deal; I have enough – I need to remember that I’m not going to be spending out there like I do at home.  No rent, no bills, no gas, no car – it’s just food, new shoes every 500 miles or so,  and an occasional night in a bed.  I have to shift my thinking, which will happen when I get out and start walking.  Just a few more days….

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2 thoughts on “A Little Over a Week….

  1. Sheila

    Tamera, i have back packed the John Muir Trail. Getting cold is a temporary condition, like getting hot. Uncomfortable, yes, but temporary. You will get up earlier in the morning and start hiking and warm up. It all starts making sense, as you get into the rhythms of living with nature. You will begin to notice the perfect time of day, when your body temp is just right and the time of day when you love the colors of the earth and the time of day you dread, etc. I can’t wait to see how you articulate your relationship with the trail in the weeks to come; such as, what’s important, what no longer is important; what feelings surface, etc. It’s a journey.

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