Creating Circumstances

I’ve been visiting with old friends today.  I went by my old job and visited my old co-workers.  Not much has changed in terms of the functioning of the agency, except the exciting news of the transition to electronic medical records.  Woohoo for the 21st century.  Everyone looks good and sounds good.  I’ve been enjoying the warmth in Farmville. It was in the 70’s today, so comfortable.  The humidity is nice as well, my skin appreciates it.  It is possible to live our passion.

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One thought on “Creating Circumstances


    That is so nice you gota see all your old peeps,nice weather that is good.Anythings possible if you chose to want it and have the passion and courage, like you do , to go after it .I ALWAYS chose to live in passion.You no me , my strenghths and my weakness- kinda comfy you knowing me and i know you and feel you even though you are not here, pashion for life is not one of them.i chose to live with ab sense of curiosity and wonder about everything that fasinates me. and I LOVE howb you and I are alike in that area althogh in some areas we differ.Have fun.Sleep with the Angels. Loyalty and everthing else me.

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