Exciting Night in Rural Georgia






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One thought on “Exciting Night in Rural Georgia


    Very nice, I did not know you could bowl.When your not to busy can you please tell me who all these people are,just curious.I am glad your having fun.I made st.pattys day cookies for the fri night womyns mt..I also like your Karen alot she is very honest and blunt.I have a wee card for you tom. at agape mt were I will be speaking , I shall give to her.,Thank you for telling me happy birthday it meant alot.Everyone here is well ,Jean is still busy writing her book she got me a cystal she found in nature for my anniv..Jamie is speaking at Sun. mt..Nancy is good she did not teach this week because it is spring break..Joani is well and asked after you she really LOVES you it makes my soul glad.For my anniv.Heathers Kris got me a new wee plant.Thank you for chosing to be a GOOD peep.Wed night made terimisue everyone LOVED it and spoke its wierd i thought i would feel your loving energy at sun mt more when I spoke but i felt it more on wed mt in fact i took my alter there and could feel you loving presence honesty rocks.Thank you for chosing to make my life richer. I am very into HUMANITY ROCKS,as yi=ou well know. As my alnon sponce says I am very independent and LOVE freedom. You my friend will ALWAYS have a special place in my soul and heart ,.HAVE FUN go out and live in pashion .Carpe Dieme, my old captain( I named her that because of Walt Whitmans poem,my humanities teacher said to always sieze the day).Sleep with the angels.Loyalty and everything else me.

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