March 18, 2012

First day on the trail. Jennifer and I drove to Amicalola Falls and I registered as a thru-hiker. We then drove to the Springer Mountain trailhead and hiked the .9 miles back to the start of the AT. Tonight, I’m at Stover Creek shelter with Red Hat, Echo, Jeremy, and a couple others I don’t know. My body is feeling good so far. Ledt’s see what tomorrow brings.








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3 thoughts on “March 18, 2012

  1. Jean Toner

    Awesome, Tamera!!! So glad to read this. BTW, how do I get on the “protected posts?” (assuming you want me on the “protected”).
    Big hug, sista! Keep on keepin’ on!

  2. Great to hear from you! Let the journey begin! Be safe my friend.


    I am SO sorry I did not write sooner.. Do you know I have family feelings toward YOU. like I do for my sissy here.Honesty rocks.This is so COOL I can follow you in my wee book.i an SO excited for you.Now you take it easy ,go slow and please be SAFE.I would chose to take it a day or moment at a time.I chose to care about YOU.( if you have not noticed,what can I say i am a Leo i care profoundly for you and sometimes show it in big ways ).I liked the pictures,you looked nice.I I am glad you have hiking poles .You can do because my soul feels you can..I SUPPORT and feel YOU ARE A GOOD PEEP 110 PERCENT.Thank you for telling me your peeps name it satisfies my hunger of curiosity.School is good.Everyone here you care about is rooting for you.THANK YOU FOR CHOSING TO LIVE THE DREAM..Kiss the trees and wildflowers for me.Sleep with the angels.Loyalty and everything else me.

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