March 22, 2012 or I own Blood Mountain

Made it to Neels Gap where I am safely ensconced in a cabin that I’m sharing with a guy named Bill. I am showered and my laundry is being done by the owners of the cabins. I just finished eating a 4 cheese Red Baron frozen pizza; best pizza ever.  Blood mountain kicked my butt. Every part of my body is sore. I took an Aleve and am laying in bed. It will be good to get a good night’s sleep. I will be taking a zero day tomorrow (not hiking). I’ll be getting a pack shakedown tomorrow by the outfitter here. I’m going to hang out for the day and rest my body. This experience is very tough mentally. When the body is fatigued, it can be hard to keep going. I wanted to sit down on the trail today and quit, but it was raining and I knew i’d get hypothermic (lol).  A day of rest will do me good.

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6 thoughts on “March 22, 2012 or I own Blood Mountain

  1. Stormie Jackson

    Hang in there Tamera! Just do your best, whatever that looks like at any given moment! Thinking of you and sending good AZ mojo!

  2. So good to hear from you. Sounds like a zero day was in order! Be safe, we miss you. nem

  3. KL

    You’re rockin’ it sister! way to keep going in the face of nasty conditions! Enjoy your day of rest use it to replenish your mental stores…..not I think I can, I know I can!! Cheers!


    GOOD- I am happy your safe. I am SO GLAD you made the chioce to have a no hiking day tomorrow. I LOVE what your chosing to do -help humanity by going on this hike.I know were you are its in my wee book.When you feel mentally rung out rem the courage that you have that is deep within your soul you are one of the BRAVEST womyn I have the honour to call a good peep.Your funny hypothermia indead, Godi (loving energy)LOVES you to much for that! I have faith in YOU and what you are chosing to do BUT whats more important is that your sense of spituality is in your soul and walking nexst to you and is your bestest friend. I chose to believe that Mother Earth gives out loving energy and we breath it into our souls and it makes use stronger. We are temples of her love so as loving temples we are made her stewards to help here heal thisv earth in our own unique gentle ways. .When I feel that I need my godi more I chose to kiss my necklace and it makes me stronger.I would chose to spend tomorrow resting and drenching my soul with the water of spituallity.Just because your physical body is gone does not mean all your teaching and wonderful spirit is gone far from it for it is everpresent in me (i did not mean this in a clostrifobic way but in a good healthy way,I can not explain it),Intich Gaweea my grandmother used to say it every night to me( but you already know that,THANK YOU) and it means you are STRONG which you are. Your right about the Red Baron pizza ,except for my home made veg, pizza from scratch which is an overnight process to make, it is the best..Nameste.Kiss the trees and wildflowers for me.Sleep with angels.Love and loyalty and everything else me.

  5. Diane Lloyd

    Hi Tamera. Good to hear from your. Glad things are moving forward. Hang in there. Thoughts are with you.

  6. Nan

    Dying to see a picture of Bill. Miss you friend. Hang in there. Love you sis.

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