March 27, 2012

Camped atop Tray Mountain.  It’s a beautiful view.  Had to climb two mountains to get here, body is tired but not sore.  Getting stronger every day.  Saw my first snake today, 4 ft garter snake.  Dark Age got off the trail today.  He trashed his knee and tried to gut it out for a couple days, but it wasn’t getting any better. Hopefully he’ll get back on when it heals.  Having a nice time hiking with LDog and Kim, we hike about the same pace.  Tomorrow, an 11 mile hike to town and a bed hopefully.

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2 thoughts on “March 27, 2012

  1. 1970love

    I am glad you liked the eye candy of the view atop Troy Mountaim.Be safe and remember WE love you,i think its way cool you saw your 1st snake.i Love snakes.I am GLAD you made new peeps.Sorry about your hiking buddy. Wow 11 miles tonorrow.YOU GO YOU STRONG,COURAGIOS PEEP.We ALL support you.I feel you can concere ANYTHING with godies help.Nameste.Kiss the trees and wildflowers for me.Sleep with angels.Love and loyalty and everything else me.

  2. MRI thursday, think it’s a torn meniscus … how much damage or how torn i will find out friday, with a partial tear i can continue … i’m following your hike shrink … take care, was great hiking with ya while it lasted … =)

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