April 3, 2012

I’m currently at a hotel in Franklin, NC. I wasn’t planning to come here until tomorrow, however I spent all afternoon hiking in a hail and thunderstorm. When I got to the shelter, I was freezing, so opted to call for a ride into town a day early. I’m showered and warm now, and will do laundry tomorrow. I may stay here an extra day, depending on how tomorrow looks. Want to find a meeting if I can.

This trail is full of interesting characters. Napster is an 18 year old kid who’s hiking. He got his name because he stops in the middle of the day, throws his hammock up, and takes naps. LDog who I hike with is a retired Navy photographer. He’s very creative, but he trashed his knee. He’s going to see a Dr. tomorrow and see if he can continue. There are a lot of people in transition in their lives on the trail. Flame is a recently laid off software engineer. Dingo is a paramedic who desperately wants to move to Flagstaff.  Like any community, the trail is full of gossip. Who’s left, funny stories that happen, etc.  People’s reputations precede them up the trail. If a person is dishonest, or creepy, or an ass…their rep follows them.

The trail is beautiful and challenging. It is definitely an exercise in letting go. You cannot control the trail, you have to operate from a place of full acceptance of what the trail gives you. If the trail gives you sun and good hiking…rejoice in it. If the trail gives you rain and hail, accept it and rejoice in the moment of challenge.

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3 thoughts on “April 3, 2012

  1. God, I’m so happy you’re blogging this! Did you tell us your trail name and I missed it?

  2. Jean Toner

    CONGRATULATIONS on the 100 mi milestone!!!! This is an amazing trip, and I am so grateful for your sharing, Tamera!

  3. 1970love

    Listening to you and keeping the wee book wasa GREAT idea THANKS cause i am SO excited for you because i can keep track of were you are,IB am glad your meeting intusting people.If i was there i would chose to soak up the energyb of people that imeet and listen to there stories like you are chosing to do.i LOVE how you are chosing to feel acceptence in your soul it is for me it is the key to my love of freedom.I love how you are chosing to live in the moment it is very earthy and centered to chose to live that way.ALL YOUR PEEPS MISS YOU.I support you 110 percent..Nameste.Kiss the trees and wildflowers for me.Sleep with angels.Love and loyalty and everything else me.

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