April 8, 2012

At Nantahala Outdoor Center. It’s beautiful here. Was 5.5 mile hike down here. It was quite treacherous. There were times when I had to take my pack off and slide down on my butt in order to get down the mountain. I did things today that no 50 year old fat woman should be doing. But I survived and got to take a shower and do laundry. Feeling good and ready for a long climb out tomorrow. I’ve been thinking about how important it is for us to be willing to fight for our lives on a daily basis. Life presents us with challenges everyday, and sometimes they seem insurmountable, but we can’t give up the fight. I know people right now who are fighting…don’t give up!


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6 thoughts on “April 8, 2012

  1. Jean Toner

    Tamera, beautiful pic from a beautiful woman. Inspiring journey, my dear friend!

  2. Hi.

    I posted a link to your story:


    Don’t give up.

    Robert Sutherland

  3. Great pic! Don’t give up! Glad you made it safely!

  4. Jennifer

    “To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping” Chinese Proverb
    Kepp on Stepping Tamera!

  5. Thank you Tamera you are such an inspiration!

  6. 1970love

    You have SO much courage.My peep your doing Great.Soak in the beauty all around you.Your not fat do you relize how much wieght you lost from the very beginning here at home and how FAR spiritualy,emotionally you have come.I DO and it does my soul and heart good to dwell on it. I am glad your feeling good.I chose to .think about daily struggles that people have as opputunities to fight like hell for the living and pray for the ones who are playing in the wind.YOU ARE ONE OF THE TOUGHEST,KINDEST FIGHTERS I HAVE THE HONOUR TO KNOW. Rem your stuborness is one of your GREATEST assets as is your SPIRIYTUALITY and will help you ,with godies help, get threw anything in my opinion.WE MISS YOU.I support you 110 percent.Nameste.Kiss the trees and wildflowers for me.Sleep with angels.Love and loyalty and everything else me.

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