April 12, 2012

I’m camped on the hill above the hiker shelter. Was able to buy some Claritin at the general store so whatever I’m allergic to is settling down. Resting my knee today and then back on the trail tomorrow. Will be happy to be walking again, although my pack is very heavy with seven days of food. Been feeling grumpy today and like I don’t want to be around people. Not sure why…but it’s all good, finding acceptance in the moment.


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5 thoughts on “April 12, 2012

  1. Why are you carrying 7 days of food? There is only one place on the trail where that would be feasible and that is the Hundred Mile Wilderness where there is no re-suppy for at least a week.

  2. marilyn

    thinking of you often, especially when I am on a trail where we have been. sending healing thoughts & lots of love, marilyn


    I am GLAD your resting you knee,I shall pray for your knee.PLEASE BE SAFE and TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.I CARE FOR YOU DEEPLY.Got you lots of goodies will give them to you know who, my new peep, so she can put them in your boxes.IF YOU NEED ANYTHING ELSE JUST ASK.I am sorry your feeling out of sorts I wish I could give you a physical hug but i cannot SO I am giving you a mental one instead.Whenever i feel grumpy i chose to talk to godi(loving energy,nature) and go were my people are(womyn are and a few brothers too) and i accept how i am feeling and chose not to ask why THAT IS VERY HARD FOR ME because you know me I LOVE TO ASK WHY and use my brain .Then slowly I feel that this too shall pass AND IT DOES ON GODIES TIME not MINE.You are right it is ALL GOOD and ACCEPTENCE is the key.WE MISS YOU.I support you 110 percent.Nameste.Kiss the trees and wildflowers for me.Sleep with angels.Love and loyalty and everything else me.

  4. Darius Russell

    Just thought I would add–Don’t feel bad about the allergies (or whatever it is you are allergic to) because this has been the absolute WORST season for allergies in a long, LONG time!! Part of that, of course, is due to the very mild, almost non-existent winter we have had in the Southeast (I live in Western North Carolina).

    Great to read your posts–I don’t know you, but I harbor dreams of thru-hiking the AT, also, and found you a few weeks before you embarked, after Google-ing Appalachian Trail blog, and you were one of the choices that came up. REALLY enjoying your hike by living vicariously through your adventure (And I am rooting for you and cheering you on big-time!)

    As hard as it may be, it sounds like you are doing so very, VERY, well!! Keep up the good work! (So jealous of all the incredible scenery you are getting to enjoy)

    I will definitely be making a donation!

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