April 22, 2012

This morning I hiked the 3.6 miles to Standing Bear Farm Hostel in the pouring rain. I’m glad I pulled up last night and stayed at the shelter, leaving only a short hike today. It has poured rain and been cold all day – definite hypothermia weather. I’m sharing a cabin with Slushee, Captain and Bear Hands. They’re calling for snow tonight. People have been pouring in all afternoon and Curtis and Maria, the owners of the farm have been putting people up in out buildings and on porches, since all the available beds are taken. In weather like this, it’s dangerous to be out.

I am amazed at the incredible adventure I’m on. I’m staying at this rustic farm, cooking on an old burner stove, and doing laundry on a washboard. The hostel has a small hiker store and everything has prices on it. It operates on an honor system. You come in, grab an envelope and write down all the things you buy or use throughout the day, including the price of your room. When you leave the farm, you settle up with them. There is a privy, a shower building with two showers, and a building with a rustic kitchen and table that we can cook and eat in.

The Cabin


The Bunkhouse


The Laundry Facilities


The Kitchen


What an amazing life!

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